*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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I had taken a stress-filled job in early 2008 and was commuting 40 minutes one way. I was up early, early in the morning and in an office atmosphere, with junk food within reach all day?.I gained those extra pounds. I had ZEROenergy and came home and promptlyPLOPPEDon the couch! I did this five days a week for 16 months!! SOUND FAMILIAR? So, my husband is a runner and I asked him what I should do to lose the extra belly fat pounds I had gained. His answer was to RUN!! So he loaded my iPod with a program called, Couch to 5K?! I began the program and 13 weeks later ran my first 5K and then a week later ran another. THEN I STEPPED ON THE SCALE! What I saw brought me to tears I had NOT lost a single ounce. I was DISCOURAGED to say the least! I had heard that my niece was losing LOTS of weight and I called her and asked about the program she was on. She had lost 100 lbs. in 6 months at that point -(currently she's lost 175lbs!!) . She's been my Health Coach through the entire process and continues to encourage me on THIS AMAZING PROGRAM THAT TRANSFORMS LIVES!!! Afterall TRANSFORMATION is what I am about! Health Coaching was a natural fit along with my Intuitive Life Coaching and so it is!!! I started the program 27 August 2009 and by the end of October I had LOST 38 LBS! HERE IS THE BEST PART!: After the first two and a half days while my body was adjusting to the calorie reduction, I had a TON OF ENERGY!! I could run and walk and ride my bike with ease. I'd then come home from my workouts and still have energy to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE!! I RARELY, IF EVER EXPERIENCED HUNGER! This is why I am so passionate about this program, because YOU TOO CAN HAVE SIMILAR RESULTS!! * We feel tired and weak and cheating is inevitable when we are feeling that way! * What America needs to know and do is diets don't work?we need a LIFESTYLE change! It's within your reach! * Number One Complaint: I DON't HAVE TIME TO EAT HEALTHY! Kandy's Coaching represents GRAB AND GO meals TIME is now on YOUR SIDE! DO YOUR LIFE AND BODY A FAVOR! CALL ME NOW! SO I CAN COACH? YOU THROUGH IT! YOU CAN DO IT!!

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